Flower Essences – The Hidden Healers?

I qualified as a Flower Essence Practitioner in 2006. I had become frustrated that some of my nutrition clients were not getting the results they deserved even though they were making a lot of effort to change their eating habits. When I explored deeper, it seemed that those who were struggling to get results where either unsatisfied […]

Meditation – what we REALLY do!

I’m guessing that if I said to you meditation, relaxation or mindfulness, you would imagine me sat in silence, possibly chanting and drifting upwards towards the land of the fairies! Our weekly ‘relaxation’ classes are actually nothing like that. We are just normal people who gather together with a few cushions, blankets and candles. The […]

MBS Festival Colchester

MBS Festival October 2018 (Saturday Team) In October, wearing my THF Principal ‘hat’ I headed to the MBS Festival in Colchester to promote Healing and The Healing Foundation. We had a really busy weekend meeting lots of lovely people. My Healers all did a great job giving out information and offering healing taster sessions. Above […]

Are you living in your power?

Whilst working with a lovely lady the other day I was suddenly struck by the realisation that women are quite good at giving their power away. Since then I have been exploring a few ideas that I would like to share with you. Although written with women in mind, men should also read this because […]

The benefits of using an Aroma Diffuser

Anyone who has visited my treatment room in the last year would have noticed that I have been using an Aroma Diffuser. It looks great with its changing colours and its mystical vapour puffing out the top but what are the benefits of using an Aroma Diffuser? Aroma diffusers combine oriental and western cultures with […]