Neal’s Yard Remedies – What’s the story?

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you would have noticed recently, several adverts for Neal’s Yard Remedies. At the beginning of the year I was offered an opportunity to become an independent consultant for this well know British range of natural and organic products.

Neal's Yard Remedies

I first used some of their products over 10 years ago. There used to be a little shop on Maldon High Street that stocked a small range of the essential oil infused skin care lotions. Since my late teens, when I discovered that I had sensitive skin, I have always sought out natural alternatives to the toxic laden commercial products widely available. Over the years I have tried various ‘pure’ products but this year has been a great reminder of how lovely and effective the Neal’s Yard ranges are.

When I first looked at the opportunity, I really didn’t see myself as a ‘party host’ or a sales person. The lady who mentioned it to me is also one of my fellow Healer members of The Healing Foundation. Her enthusiasm was great but she just planted the seed for me to mull over. I looked at it twice and decided it wasn’t for me but for some reason it kept coming back into my mind. Then right at the last moment, before the offer closed, I figured that for the minimal outlay and commitment, I may as well have this lovely box of goodies, if nothing else, for myself! But somehow, in just a short time I find myself with clients who love the products and a team of consultants who I have introduced and who now have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits too.

Neal's Yard Remedies

Neal’s Yard are passionate about transforming people’s lives, by educating and empowering them on how to live more healthily through the power of nature. Their formulations benefit mind, body and well-being through the use of high quality potent herbs, oils and extracts. Their belief in sustainability means that they use only wild, organic, and natural ingredients that nature can afford to give. So you can see why I am naturally drawn to this company.

Once I had taken the plunge and signed up, I was added to several Facebook groups. Now bearing in mind that I had no real desire to sell the products, it surprised me how excited I was getting to be involved with the other consultants but mostly to be learning about all of the products and their benefits. The Facebook interactions can, at times be fast-paced and a little crazy but the information being passed around was invaluable. I found myself booking to attend a seminar in Edinburgh. I’m really excited about this as I’ve never been there before, so I plan to pack in some sightseeing too. I will also get the opportunity to attend free training at their Coventry Garden base in London.

Last year we saw the launch of two new products which are a collaboration with Deliciously Ella, a well known author and foodie. Using the scents of rose, lime and cucumber in a light moisturiser and face wash, these products are suitable for all skin types. Read more…

Next month I will host an evening experience for some of my friends and family. This is something that I have put off for several months, but I feel that I am ready now to share the knowledge I have gained. If you would like to come along give me a shout. I am also pleased to report that I have seen further improvement to my own skin and my clients are benefiting from the nutritional products too. If you can’t make the event you can order at anytime via my personal website and have your items delivered direct.

I have no idea where this project is heading but it is great to be working with the world leader in organic health and beauty. If you think you would like to be involved too, click here.

For now……I’m just enjoying the journey and my customers are enjoying the products

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