Food Intolerance and Allergy Testing

Did you know the most common allergies and health problems are normally linked to the food we eat? Allergy and food intolerance testing helps you identify these foods so you can regain a healthy and happy lifestyle. As one of the most experienced food intolerance testers in Essex, over the last 18 years my allergy testing service has helped people of all ages to manage their hidden intolerances.

I specialise in also treating the emotional & mental aspects which often accompany the physical ailments. Ask me about ways that we can better manage irritable bowel symptoms and skin conditions.

allergy testing essex

Are you experiencing any of the following health problems?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.)
Weight Gain
Joint Problems
Skin Rashes and Disorders

These problems could all be caused by the foods you eat!

The Vega test is noninvasive and provides instant, accurate results. During your allergy test we will check over 70 foods and airborne allergens as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Vitamin and mineral deficiency testing helps you identify which key nutrients are missing from your regular everyday eating patterns. All vitamin and minerals are needed by the body to maintain optimum health.

After your test you will be given a written result form and basic information sheets to help you make initial changes to your lifestyle. Sometimes it will be suggested that a follow-up nutritional guidance consultation or supportive therapy would be of benefit.

Allergy Testing Prices

Standard Test – £85 (90 minutes approx) Includes vitamin and mineral deficiency test

Deluxe Test – £110 (2 hours approx) Includes vitamin and mineral deficiency test and emotional balancing. This option is particularly beneficial to IBS sufferers

Complete Care – £250 – Deluxe Test plus 2 x hour long follow-up consultations & 90 days mentoring with telephone/zoom support.

Junior Test – £70 (1 hour approx) Ages 4-14 years

Junior Deluxe – £85 (90 minutes) Ages 4-14 years. Includes emotional balancing consultation

Follow up nutrition consultation – £50

Re-test – £70 (within 9 months of previous test)

Vitamin & Mineral deficiency re-test – £55

To book your Allergy Test in Maldon with Jackie Barber call 07807255921 or email