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Distant Healing Service

Hello Everyone,

I hope you and your families are well and making the best of the new reality we find ourselves in. At this time there are limitations on the services I can offer you but online and telephone consultations are going really well and it has been lovely to stay in touch with some of you.

We have been going through some intense energy shifts in the last few months and our emotions and physical wellbeing have been affected considerably. Clients have been experiencing sleep problems, anxiety, low mood and lots of frustration!

I am pleased to now be able to offer you Distant Healing sessions. Distant Healing (aka remote or absent healing) is really useful if you are unable to get to me in person. It is as effective as having Healing in person and has all of the benefits too! It helps to re-balance us, quieten the mind and relaxes the nervous system to aid relaxation.

When we are more in balance, we are able to see a clearer ‘path’ ahead of us. Something I think many of us need at this time!

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It is looking hopeful that I will be able to re-open for other treatments at the beginning of July. I am currently making all the nesessary updates for Covid-19 prevention and taking PPE recommendations to keep you all as safe as possible when that time comes. Lockdown offers are still available in the meantime.