Spiritual health – don’t be afraid.

spiritual health

Many of you know that I work as a ‘holistic therapist’. This means that I offer a service which cares for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. All of these are fairly self-explanatory except maybe the spiritual aspect. Due to the mystery which often surrounds many ‘spiritual subjects’ there can be much fear attached to what I consider to be a very natural part of life. You might be surprised to learn what being SPIRITUAL really is!

Since I have been in business, (getting on for 15 years now), I’ve seen a boom in the amount of people exploring their ‘spiritual side’. Myself included! But ‘spiritual’ has a different meaning to different people. What I find is that many automatically connect the word ‘spiritual’ with clairvoyants, ghosts and out of body experiences. It is easy to see why many find this unknown area a scary subject.

However, in my mind this is not what being spiritual is about. Here are some things that are important to your spiritual health.

  • Having compassion for yourself AND others
  • Keeping a positive attitude
  • Being honest with yourself
  • Allowing yourself space to listen to your soul
  • Having and living with purpose
  • Being aware and thankful for all things (no matter how small they are)
  • Always doing your best to help others
  • Being strong enough to make changes that will bring you growth

All of these things go towards your spiritual wellbeing. So forget running off to the mountains to chant for days on end. Forget your constant search for the next mind-blowing paranormal workshop. It’s actually easier and much less scary than you think.Instead notice the beauty of the tiny flower that grows from the crack in the pavement. Help your neighbour with his shopping. Take five minutes each day to look at your life and your feelings. Get to know yourself. But most of all….live with LOVE!

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