Quote: Tthe best teachers are still learning and the best healers are still healing."

Finding Confidence


I recently came across this quote and realised how accurate it is and also how strongly I resonated with it!

Although I have an established therapy business of nearly 20 years, I still love to learn new things that often find their way into my therapy tool box. And the more I learn, the more I grow as a person and so my healing continues…

I have taught nutrition for nearly 20 years and ‘hands-on’ healing for 10 years. That has been the natural progression of my work. Although my clients think that they are coming to me to be fixed they are actually being empowered to help themselves. Yes, I’m here to empower you – to help you make positive life-style changes. Sharing information helps my clients to grow, helps you to grow and transform into the person that deep inside, you know you can be.

Hypnotherapy has helped me to gain new confidence, the confidence to start something new. Hypnosis has also helped to restore my creative flow and find my voice. All of these things are part of my healing so I have to accept that in some ways lockdown has been a blessing. It has given me the time and space to both learn and heal. I’m a very different person compared to this time last year. And I’m sure the changes will continue, but change can be exciting!

Almost by accident, hypnotherapy fits in really well with the services that I already offer. I had no idea how diverse the hypnosis experience could be. Whether you seek healthy eating habits, weight loss or ways to reduce your stress, hypnosis can help.

I wonder what hypnotherapy could bring for you? Would you like to find out?