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Flower Essences – The Hidden Healers?

I qualified as a Flower Essence Practitioner in 2006. I had become frustrated that some of my nutrition clients were not getting the results they deserved even though they were making a lot of effort to change their eating habits. When I explored deeper, it seemed that those who were struggling to get results where either unsatisfied with an aspect of their life or had ongoing stress & emotional concerns. I had to find a way to help my clients further….

Flower Essences therapy although a relatively unknown therapy, can help us with feelings of anger, fear, grief, depression, stress, and anxiety. They will also promote feelings of self-worth, confidence, motivation, joy and love.

After selecting several essences for you I will prepare a treatment bottle that you can simply add to a drink or put drops directly onto your tongue using the dropper provided. Your bottle will last 3-4 weeks.

A natural way to balance the ups and downs that life brings.

* Relationship problems
* Depression
* Lockdown frustrations
* Fear & anxiety
* Work related stress
* Passing of a loved one
* Self-esteem and confidence  

Safe for the whole family and can be used alongside medication and other treatments. Remember, a healthy mind brings a healthy body!

Confidential consultations now available via Skype, Facetime, Messenger or Telephone. 

Tell me what you need help with and I will select essences for you and post them to you the same day!

Casestudy – I once worked with a gentleman who had sadly suffered a stroke. Because he had experienced difficulties swallowing food whilst in hospital he had developed a worrying anxiety any time that he tried to eat food. This had led to weight loss and lower energy (and motivation) for recovery. Using a combination of Flower Essence therapy and Healing I was able to calm him considerably so that he could overcome his fears. He began to eat again and hope was renewed. As a result his physical recovery also benefitted.

Jackie Barber Fe Dip MCS.