Healing for the mind with Essences – by Jackie Barber

The easiest way to describe Flower & Crystal Essences is ‘Good Vibes’ or ‘Healing’ in a bottle! Many people have heard of and used Bach Rescue Remedy but do not realise that there are many other highly effective essences available.

flower essences

Flower remedies work by stimulating the body’s own capacity for healing, by balancing negative feelings or emotions. Helping you to take control, feel good about yourself and get more out of life.  It is thought that many physical health problems originate from negative emotions!

Dr Bach was a homeopath as well as a doctor of medicine and his flower remedies are prepared from plant and flower based remedies, each one specially devised to treat a different feeling or emotion. Today essences are also made from crystals and there are many Essence producers all over the world. The energy of the flower or crystal is held in water and can be taken orally, on the body or sprayed in the air near you.

Essences can help with feelings of anger, fear, grief, depression, stress, and anxiety.They will also promote feelings of self-worth, confidence, motivation, joy and love. The list is endless….

Essences are natural, gentle and have no physical side-affects so they are suitable for everyone. They can also be used alongside conventional medical treatments and medication.

An Essence Practitioner will complete a full health and wellbeing questionnaire and prepare a personal blend of several essences to help deal with your issues. I also offer a phone/mail and Skype services.

Some uses for Essence Therapy;

  • relationship problems
  • work related stress
  • passing of a loved one
  • self-esteem & confidence
  • anxiety and fear
  • depression or low motivation
  • bullying & peer-pressure
  • exams or driving test
  • digestive problems

A non-addictive, natural and highly effective therapy.

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