Heartbreak Hypnotherapy

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She remembered who she was and the game changed

Heartbreak can be caused by a past relationship that has gone wrong, but it can also come from a current relationship. Hypnotherapy can be used to ease this heartbreak. It can help you to deal with the painful emotions and memories. I can help you to feel more neutral about an Ex or about a bad memory or experience.


We have just experienced a tough couple of years and some relationships have either come to an end or gone through some big adjustments. Heartbreak can be one of the most painful experiences that we can go through. Many people suffer not just for weeks or months, but often years. The pain for some can be so bad that they never enter another relationship again for fear of being hurt. This is sad because being loved and loving our partner, is one of the most fulfilling human experiences.


So many people choose to stay in unhappy situations. Often, they stay for the safety even though in their heart they know that things feel wrong. Unfortunately, this is not healthy for us. It just doesn’t nourish our mental or spiritual health. When our mental health isn’t right, our physical body begins to suffer.


This holistic belief system is close to my heart. I want everyone to be happy and loved. When we learn to respect, honour, and love ourselves, we can establish healthier relationships.

You Can –

If you would like to let go of feelings of guilt, shame, disappointment, or regret, and re-build your damaged self-esteem and confidence, now is the time to get in touch. It IS possible for you to see things more positively and move on with your life. Have the life you deserve!


Heartbreak hypnotherapy session

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