Hypnotherapy Video Sessions

Hypnotherapy Video Sessions with PureBalance

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis is amazing! The basic aim of any type of hypnosis is to get straight to the root cause of habits and worries by speaking directly to the sub-conscious mind.

The human mind often creates problems that don’t even exist…

My hypnosis sessions can be done via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts. Video sessions are just as safe and effective as a 1-2-1 consultation.

All of my sessions are unscripted and tailored to your own unique needs, helping you to achieve the positive lifestyle changes that you deserve.

This week I have already helped people with stress, I.B.S, weight-loss, motivation and confidence.

What would you like help with?
FREE 15 minute Hypnosis discussion    

Hypnotherapy can help you with –

I.B.S. management
Weight Loss
Stop smoking

Due to lockdown I have been unable to offer my popular Food Intolerance tests for my clients suffering with symptoms of irritable bowel and poor digestion. As stress and anxiety can play a huge role in these life limiting complaints, it is well worth looking at hypnotherapy at this time.
Introductory offers end soon!    

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