Meditation – what we REALLY do!

I’m guessing that if I said to you meditation, relaxation or mindfulness, you would imagine me sat in silence, possibly chanting and drifting upwards towards the land of the fairies!

Our weekly ‘relaxation’ classes are actually nothing like that. We are just normal people who gather together with a few cushions, blankets and candles. The room is softly lit as I lead everyone in guided visualisation exercises. Nothing difficult or mind blowing, but the results speak for themselves. Everyone leaves in a much calmer, positive and clearer state of mind.

meditation Jackie Barber

Guided visualisation is a gentle but powerful way to focus the mind. And when the mind is relaxed, the whole body will follow. The classes can help us to re-align to our natural ‘centre point’ and thus reduce stresses.

When we reduce stress we can lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation in the body, boost the immune system and conquer anxiety.

Most of the exercises are written by my-self, often with current topics in mind. Some are used to gain self-awareness of our minds and our bodies. Everyone has the chance to study their feelings and concerns if they wish. I have been leading sessions like this for many years so often we have no set plan. I literally take the class where I intuitively feel they need to go. Pretty much anything could happen…. but NEVER chanting!

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