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Becoming Mindful..

Have you ever been mindful about what your mind is doing? I’m not talking about sitting on the floor cross-legged or running away to a monastery in outer Mongolia. I’m talking about any random moment, during our everyday activities.

Our brains and senses are so overwhelmed with fast information these days. We live faster, we work faster and we communicate faster.

I’ve just come home from spending the morning at The Healing Zone in Maldon. I decided that I needed some ‘quiet space’ before starting treatments later this afternoon. So I sit down with my lunch – away from the television (where I often eat it) and away from my Smartphone. Ahhhh….just me and my lunch. Then I noticed that my mind is still going like crazy. Thinking about the space clearing job that I will be starting soon, the marketing that I need to be doing and forming in my mind the status that I will be posting on one of my Facebook pages about our successful morning. Then it hits me! This is NOT a ‘quiet space’ at all!

So I look at my lunch that I am busy shoving into my mouth….. I take a moment to really see it. Bite by bite, enjoying the taste and appreciating what I have in front of me. Trusting that my body will be nourished and re-fuelled afterwards. THIS is being in the moment. This is being mindful. Watching what our thoughts are doing. Being aware of only the current task.

Too many thoughts create stress – stress creates illness.

I have to admit, I only managed a pathetic two minutes because the thought – “oh this will make a good article” popped into my head! I had to put pen to paper….

Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

(P.S I went up to the treatment room to find a Flower Essence to quieten my mind for the rest of the day!)

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