Nutrition is not just about healthy eating and weight-loss. In fact, ‘Nutritional Therapy’ is a form of complementary medicine using combinations of special diets and nutritional products to help your body repair itself and overcome many common health conditions such as digestive complaints. Every week I have people visit my clinic in Maldon who are experiencing indigestion, bloating and abdominal cramping.

nutrition consultation
Although most people start with the Vega Test for a particular complaint, Nutritional therapy will also benefit you if you have no specific illness. If you just want to feel good, increase energy and become more resistant to the stresses of modern life.
Our nutritional needs change as we age therefore what suits a growing child is very different  to the needs of a woman experiencing hormonal imbalances such as PMT and those experienced during the menopause.

“I turned to Jackie at my sister’s suggestion when I was suffering severe PMT, terrible bloating and generally feeling awful.  To be honest I wasn’t expecting much to come out of my appointment, but thought “in for a penny…”  A little over six months later I’m a total convert to alternative therapies.  The simple Vega test I initially had turned up various intolerances and I went along with avoiding these and taking a few extra vitamins for a month or so to see whether it made any difference, and boy has it.  I not only feel better in myself, my energy levels have increased, PMT has all but gone away (I can’t control generally irritating people), but into the bargain I’ve lost weight which I couldn’t be happier about.  Friends have noticed the difference in me, and I don’t mean just the weight loss.  I would recommend anyone seeing Jackie and giving the alternative therapies a try.”
Deborah, Chelmsford

Nutrition Consultation Prices (in person or online)

Standard Nutrition Consultation- £50 (1 Hour)

Express Nutrition Consultation- £30 (30 Minutes)

To book your Nutrition Consultation in Maldon with Jackie Barber call 07807255921 or email