Rahanni Healing Day – Jersey.

2021 dates coming soon…

Rahanni Essex

Join me for the day to learn Healing basics and become attuned to Rahanni Celestial Healing in Jersey this summer.
Healing, for me, is one of the most simple yet amazing therapies available to us. I have been working with Natural Healing and Rahanni for over 10 years and I am excited to be sharing it with you on Jersey this summer.
If you have compassion and love to help people, this could be the next step on your ‘journey’.

Rahanni is a healing modality of balance. The symbols of attunement are given with the teaching level.
Rahanni Celestial Healing [aka Rahanni] is a ‘new’ healing modality for the ‘Age of Aquarius’. It vibrates on a pink ray of light that corresponds with the heart centre. Helping to release all fear based ways of thinking and negativity, opening up to truth, love and compassion. This will help humanity understand and recognise their true essence of pure unconditional love. It is a life-force energy that is channeled by the Practitioner. Suitable for everyone, especially children.

During our day we will also be looking at some essential foundation Healing work. For this reason, this event is suited to absolute beginners as well as those looking to take on the Rahanni attunement. We will be making connections with Kwan Yin and the Celestial Angels throughout our Rahanni work.

“I like Rahanni as it opens the heart up to love and joy. If you have been experiencing sadness or depression, it lifts you out of the negative energy roller coaster and opens you up to a more balanced and happy life.”                                                                                                           Carolyn – Chelmsford.

“I love Rahanni Celestial Healing, it is healing on a higher vibration and is so angelic. It is a real privilege to be able to use Rahanni in my healing, it gives that extra cuddle to the client xx”                                           Justine – Great Baddow

Although I have many years of experience in spiritual and esoteric work, I like to teach students of The Healing Foundation and Rahanni in a down to earth manner. Therefore reaching out to everyone who would like to work from the heart to help others, regardless of their beliefs.

Venue – Holme Grown, (The Function Room) La Rue Au Long, Grouville, Jersey JE3 9SH. Free parking outside.

Cost – £130 for the day. Includes full Rahanni manual & Level 1 Practitioner certificate.

To book your place email me at jackie@purebalancetherapy.co.uk

I look forward to working with you Xx