Relaxation & Mindfulness

Relaxation and Mindfulness have been buzz words in health circles for some time now. It is great to see that the practice is now also becoming popular in the workplace. Employers are waking up to just how important it is to look after the mental health of their employees.

We all experience stress at some point in our life but how we deal with it can be key to how it affects our wellbeing. Long-term stress can play havoc with our immune system, our hormonal balance, our digestion and eventually our relationships.


It has been proven that practicing Relaxation and Mindfulness can reduce stress. I also use guided visualisation which is a gentle but powerful way to focus the mind. And when the mind is relaxed, the whole body will follow. My classes can help you to re-align to your natural ‘centre point’ and thus reduce stresses.


When we reduce stress we can lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation in the body, boost the immune system and conquer anxiety.

Join us for Tranquil Tuesday

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Most of the exercises are written by my-self, often with current topics in mind. Some are used to gain self-awareness of our minds and our bodies. Everyone has the chance to study their feelings and concerns if they wish. I have been leading sessions like this for many years so often we have no set plan. I literally take the class where I intuitively feel they need to go. Classes are not linked to any particular religion or belief system.


Is it time for you to include some Relaxation and Mindfulness in your life?

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Tranquil Tuesday. Online at 7.30pm.

I also provide on-site sessions for local businesses, charities and groups

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