Distant Healing

Distant Healing (aka remote or absent healing) is really useful if you are unable to get to me in person. It is as effective as giving Healing in person and has all of the benefits too!

Some examples of when Distant Healing is the ideal option –

  • If you are short on time and need to squeeze some TLC into your schedule.
  • If you are unable to attend due to illness or distance.
  • If you are in isolation during lockdown or anxious about social distancing.
  • When you want to send Healing to a friend or family member.
Distant healing

To arrange your Distant Healing sessions just email me with the details. You will initially have a course of three sessions and then future sessions will be agreed between us. Supplying me with a photograph of the recipient is useful but not always nesessary.

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To book your Distant Healing with Jackie Barber call 07807255921 or email jackie@purebalancetherapy.co.uk

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