Peace Spray

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Peace is an exclusive combination of flower, crystal and environmental vibrational essences in a handy spray bottle. These are all essences that I have hand-made over the years so you will not find them (or their unique energy) anywhere else.

What does it do?

Peace eases tension in times of emotional, work-related or hormonal stress. It will help you to feel calm, peaceful, centred and content. Because this essence can make you feel more secure and quieten your mind, it can easily promote deep, restful sleep.

As with all flower essences, Peace can be used alongside any medication or treatment plan. It is also suitable for the whole family and your home. Just spray it above your head and allow it to float into your personal energy field or spray it around your room to create a peaceful vibe.

50ml bottle

All of my Essences are infused with my unique Healing energy & Love!

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