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Tranquil Tuesday – Relaxation group

Relaxation is crucial to our physical and emotional wellbeing. Do you remember, just over 2 years ago when most of us had to STOP? We got locked down and had to learn how to ‘just BE’.

At the time, many of us found it irritating, frustrating and pretty scary. But looking back, I think many have realised that it was actually good for us. We had to slow down, spend time with family and basically take a good look at our lives.

Two years on – did you notice how quickly we switched back into the craziness of fast & hectic living?


I’d like to invite you to try my new session of ‘Tranquil Tuesday’. This will be an evening, online event where you can take some time out and chill….

A beautiful combination of Relaxation (did you know I’ve been a meditation teacher since 2010?) and simple Hypnotherapy techniques. I am also a Healer Trainer for The Healing Foundation.

Our next session is on Tuesday 14th June at 7:30pm. All you need is your laptop/tablet/mobile and a comfortable seat.

Your first session is FREE! So why not give it a go and notice how much better you feel afterwards.

More details on my relaxation sessions can be found HERE