Bowl of burning Frankincense

Why I use Frankincense in the New Year.

It may sound strange but I generally look forward to packing away the Christmas tinsel and baubles. For me, this is when Christmas ends and my New Year begins. Once I have done wrestling with the tree I like to have a good clean around the house. “So…what’s so unusual about that?” I hear you ask. Well I like to use some Frankincense to make sure the space really is as clean as it can be. Then I feel really ready to begin the year.

Frankincense has antiseptic and disinfectant properties. It is also great as a boost for the immune system. This remarkable oil has been used for many years by many cultures. It is still widely used in holy rituals today. It is an ancient Native American tradition to use smoke because it is a powerful cleansing method, so combining the two makes a lot of sense.

You can buy Frankincense incense sticks to burn, but I prefer to use natural resin. Droplets of gum resin form when the bark of the frankincense tree is scraped. They harden and then oil is obtained from the resin. If using resin you will also need to buy some charcoal discs.

I use a thick pottery bowl, put a layer of soil in the bottom of it and then place my lit charcoal disc on top. As the disc becomes hot I just chuck a few lumps of resin onto it and within seconds the frankincense begins to fizzle and smoke. The scent is quite rich and sort of sweet. I just allow the smoke to waft around the room. I like to move the bowl around the different rooms of my home but I have heard that if you place it in a central spot, it will do the job for you! Please be careful – the charcoal will be very hot!

If you can’t get your hands on Frankincense, Sandalwood is my second choice as it is also very purifying. These oils are great for bringing balance to the mind and emotions as well as your home. I always carry out this technique if there has been illness or upset within the house.

Happy New Year!