Ear Candle Therapy

Ear Candle Therapy (also known as Hopi Ear candles) is a natural therapy that has been used by Native American Indians for many years. It is a painless, soothing and cleansing treatment which can ease many common complaints.

During the treatment a hollow tube made from natural materials is inserted lightly into the ear orifice and ignited. The warm air and chimney effect created, softens and eliminates impurities.

ear candle therapy

Ear candle therapy can help if you are experiencing:

Excessive wax
Glue ear
Itching in the ear
General ear noise

I am currently using Otosan candles containing bees wax and propolis which is renowned for it’s antibacterial properties. Before your treatment I will carry out a brief examination of the ear opening. A candle takes approximately 10 minutes to burn fully (each ear). The treatment is followed by a light facial and scalp massage to help with tissue drainage and to activate acupressure points.

Ear Candle Therapy Prices

Single Treatment- £35.00

A Course of 3 Treatments- £95.00

To book your Ear Candle Treatment in Maldon with Jackie Barber call 07807255921 or email jackie@purebalancetherapy.co.uk