Flower Essences

The easiest way to describe Flower Essences is ‘Good Vibes’ or ‘Healing’ in a bottle! Many people have heard of and used Bach Rescue Remedy but do not realise that there are many other highly effective essences available.

Flower remedies work by stimulating the body’s own capacity for healing, by balancing negative feelings or emotions. Helping you to take control, feel good about yourself and get more out of life.  Suitable for the whole family and your pets, essences can be used as an individual therapy or in combination with other therapies and medical treatments.

flower essences

It is thought that many physical health problems originate from our negative emotions!

Essences can help with feelings of anger, fear, grief, depression, stress, and anxiety. They will also promote feelings of self-worth, confidence, motivation, joy and love. The list is endless….

Relationship problems
Work related stress
Addiction support/recovery
Passing of a loved one
Self-esteem and confidence
Anxiety and fear
Depression or low motivation
Bullying and peer-pressure
Exams or driving test

After an initial consultation with you, I will personally select the essences that will help you to find some balance. The essences will be mixed together in a treatment bottle so you can easily use them during the day. One treatment bottle lasts 3-4 weeks. Your consultation can be made in person, telephone or via Skype. Your personal essence combination will be hand mixed and posted to you the same day complete with instructions on how to use.

Because I am a flower essence practitioner, I am not restricted to one range of essences. I often use Bach, Healing Herbs, Baileys, Light Heart, Indigo and my own exclusive range (unavailable elsewhere). I trained in this lovely therapy 15 years ago but flower essences still amaze me and play a big part in helping my clients to find their balance.

To book your Flower Essences consultation in Maldon with Jackie Barber call 07807255921 or email jackie@purebalancetherapy.co.uk

flower essences