Stress Management

Our lives seem to have become so fast-paced and hectic that Stress Management is something that we need to start taking seriously. We all experience stress at some point but how we deal with it can be key to how it affects our well-being and our life.

Stress Management
Long-term stress can play havoc with our immune system, our hormonal balance, our digestion and eventually our relationships. But there are ways that we can easily help ourselves. Sometimes it can be as simple as taking the time to take a step back and really look at your life. What I find is that people are keeping themselves so busy that they don’t have a gap to take stock. This is not a good way to live our lives!

It is now well known that long-term stress can affect heart health, but did you realise that it can also affect our digestion and our blood sugar balance? When digestion isn’t right it is very difficult to manage our weight, achieve healthy skin and get a good nights sleep.

Is stress getting you down?

Allow me to quickly find ways to manage your stress. I can’t change your life for you but I can give you the tools to make it much easier!

De-Stress Hour – £45.00

De-Stress Express – £30.00 (30 minutes)

I will work with you to find the best options for your lifestyle and consultations may consist of several therapies so that we can find quick and effective solutions.

To get your stress management started with Jackie Barber in Maldon, call 07807255921 or email

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