Man laying down receiving healing treatment

What is Healing?

One subject that I don’t often write about is Healing. Nutrition and healthy foods is easy but Healing is a tricky one!  The trouble is that Healing is quite mysterious but I think that’s what makes it so exciting!

I began giving ‘hands on’ healing treatments over 10 years ago and these days I have to say that it really is my favourite therapy. To see the transformation on a clients face after a session is so rewarding. Seeing them turn their lives around is even better!

I was borrowing the ‘facilities’ in a pub in Bishop’s Stortford last week and ended up having a chat with the landlord about my job.I was trying to explain to him  how healing works. Men generally like a logical explanation so I gave him my ‘mobile phone talk’.

“What do you do when your phone runs out of power? You plug it in and charge it?”

Healing works in the same way. I draw on the life sustaining energy that is all around us and give it to the person in need. The energy is channelled through me and when I lay my hands on the recipient (or in their surrounding aura) the energy is passed to them. The need may be for a physical ailment, a stressful situation or for simple peace of mind. Although a patient may be very relaxed during a session, healing has the ability to re-charge and energise.

My healing has been described as ‘profound’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘deeply relaxing’.

The benefits of Healing are many. You will find some are listed HERE. But the easiest way to find out how it works is to try a session. My clients range from small children to those in their 70’s and beyond. Oh, mustn’t forget the occasional animal too!

These days so many more of my clients are coming round to the idea that they need to balance their emotional health to achieve physical wellbeing. Healing can provide us with this valuable tool. A treatment can take place on the couch, seated on a chair or sent remotely.

Healer Training is available as well as Rahanni Attunements.

I like my monthly healing session because I feel Jackie keeps me anchored in a good place and I always leave feeling calm and centered .

Client Feedback

If you feel you would like to try some healing, please get in touch.