Hypnotherapy for Anxiety


Our minds can be so powerful, and our excessive thoughts can sometimes lead to anxiety and panic attacks. I experienced this myself (nearly 20 years ago) so I am really pleased to be able to offer hypnotherapy to help people, just like you, to overcome these life limiting challenges. 


Research has shown that stress, fear, and anxiety can be helped with hypnotherapy. Whether you have feelings of unease, an excessively overthinking mind or panic disorder, hypnosis can help you. I remember what it feels like when that wave of fear comes out of nowhere and literally stops you in your tracks. Your heart races, you feel dizzy, and you struggle to breathe. You feel like you are going mad! 


I can help you to change this with fast and effective hypnotherapy, either face to face in Maldon or with online sessions in the comfort of your own home. 


All my hypnotherapy sessions are unscripted and tailored to your own unique needs, helping you to achieve the changes you want. Because my method can be ‘content-free’ it is not necessary for you to tell me what your problems or concerns are, however, any information that you choose to share is strictly confidential.

I usually struggle to relax as I'm a massive overthinker and suffer with OCD so I finally decided enough is enough and contacted Jackie. The hypnotherapy session was fantastic! I came away feeling more in control and positive about life as a whole, it's really worth giving a go!

Jodie Daniels

Anxiety Support Package

3 sessions
Single session

To find out more about anxiety hypnotherapy in Maldon with Jackie Barber call 07807 255921 or email jackie@purebalancetherapy.co.uk