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Jackie Barber, founder of Pure Balance natural therapies

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I have been offering natural therapies and health advice in Essex since 2002. I am a Healer Trainer for The Healing Foundation and deliver workshops on Nutrition, Meditation/Mindfulness and Spiritual/Soul subjects.

I was asked to take over as Principal of The Healing Foundation in April 2013, so one of my roles is to support accredited Healer Members around the UK and make sure that a high standard of training and conduct is maintained. Working closely with the World Federation of Healing keeps me up to date with developments in the healing world.

Within my therapy practice I am able to help you with your life challenges, relationship concerns and your physical wellbeing. I specialise in treatment of I.B.S. symptoms, skin conditions, stress management, anxiety and spiritual awareness.

My aim is to provide simple but effective advice, improving general wellbeing and health concerns. By promoting self-healing my aim is to put the responsibility for healing back into the hands of the client. One of my biggest joys is seeing my clients “turn their lives around” and move forward with confidence!

I love food and I like to promote (and eat) fresh, local and consciously prepared produce. I am happiest throwing together a big pan of fresh homemade soup. Guilty pleasure? Dark chocolate!

Jackie Barber - PureBalance