novak djokovic

Did you know this about Novak Djokovic?


Did you know that Novak has food sensitivities? In the early years of Novak’s tennis career, although a ranking player, he was quickly becoming a joke among his fellow competitors, commentators and the wider sporting community. His reputation for collapsing at the most crucial moments of a tennis match causing him to drop out of tournaments fueled onlooker’s thoughts that Novak just couldn’t stand the pressure.

All that changed in 2010 when Serbian doctor Igor Cetojevic watched Djokovic struggle at the Australian Open from his living room. While most commentators were suggesting the player was suffering from asthma, Dr Cetojevic believed Djokovic’s physical breakdowns were as a result of food sensitivities, in particular gluten, sugar and dairy. Changes in Djokovic’s diet would lead to what sports writers called “the greatest single season ever by a professional tennis player”.

I have worked with so many people over the years who have also had great results after finding out about their food intolerances and tweaking their nutrition.

The outcome really can be life-changing!

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