Reduce stress – 15 easy ways.

stress management

‘Stress’ is a word that is frequently thrown around especially around busy cities and the surrounding area.
Some day to day pressures, such as being stuck in traffic or money worries are inevitable but what are the affects of constant stress and how do we know if we have reached an unhealthy level?
In my Wellbeing practice I am currently seeing many people who are working really hard to ‘keep afloat’. They are working long hours, skipping meals, relying on stimulants to get them through the day and getting inadequate sleep. In the long-term this type of lifestyle can lead to burnout and health problems.
Common symptoms of stress;
Poor concentration, low energy levels, mood swings, irritability, depression, aches and pains, PMT, digestive problems and frequent colds/infections.

When we are stressed we tend to hold tension within the body. This tension actually uses up more nutrients and energy! So a good way to reduce stress is to pay attention to our diet.
1. Always eat breakfast
2. Include plenty of wholefoods and reduce ready meals.
3. Eat regular meals and snacks
4. Reduce sugar and sweet foods
5. Avoid stimulants (coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks)
6. Enjoy a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Good foods to include: nuts, beans, onions, strawberries, avocado, oats, brown rice, blueberries, broccoli, wholewheat pasta, potatoes & mangoes.

stress management

What else can we do to reduce stress?
7. Try to take some gentle exercise and get plenty of fresh air. Air quality near water and in wooded areas is especially beneficial.
8. Take some ‘me time’. A soak in the bath or enjoy a relaxing massage.
9. Get some professional advice on high quality nutritional supplements. I really like this Organic cocoa complex that you can easily add to a hot drink or porridge.

10. Attend a relaxation or meditation class.
11. Take time to review your work/life balance. Are you getting enough ‘down time’?
12. Use PureBalance ‘Znug’ stress spray. Our best selling natural remedy, suitable for all ages.
13. Make sure you are getting good quality sleep.

14. Do something silly or childish! One of my favourites is lying in the middle of a field at night watching the stars!
15. Dance like no-ones watching…..  :-)

PureBalance specialise in stress management – combining knowledge in nutritional therapy, massage, vibrational essences, healing and relaxation techniques.

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