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Balancing Blood Glucose Levels – Case study

Case study – Terry contacted me in October 2021. He had just been told (age 77 years) that he was pre-diabetic and was having problems balancing his blood glucose levels. He was slightly put out because he has a good diet, an active lifestyle and has no medical conditions that he takes medication for. He also mentioned that the nurse who had given him dietary advice, was more than a little overwieght. The consultation did not fill him with confidence…

Balancing our blood glucose levels is important because it directly effects how we feel and our overall health. Certain foods, when we eat them can have a significant effect on our blood sugar, sending them sky high. After a ‘high’, a slump will generally follow. So ideally we are looking to stop the roller coaster and create a steady flow of energy. Poorly balanced blood glucose levels can lead to digestive and gut issues, excess weight, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, raised cholesterol and some cancers. You can see, this is really important and the foundation of good nutrition AND your health!


older couple overlook vineyard blood glucose levels


So, Terry came in for a Nutrition Consultation with me. We had a good look at his whole health profile, his eating habits and his lifestyle. Terry was actually doing pretty well. Most of his meals where cooked from scratch and fairly traditional ‘meat and veg’. But I was able to show him some easy ways to improve his daily eating plan. I taught him about the different types of carbohydrates and which ones would be more beneficial to keeping his blood glucose stable. I also showed him that by making sure he had a good protein intake, he could slow down the speed that his carbohydrates enter the bloodstream, avoiding blood sugar spikes.

As Terry was taking no medication, we were able to get him on a good quality nutritional supplement that would further help with his metabolism and weight management. He was due to have another blood test in December to see whether they would need to prescribe him medication.

I am happy to report that Terry’s blood test showed that his blood glucose balance was much improved. Plus, he noticed that he had a little less tummy!

Nutrition can be used for much more than weight management. Most physical conditions can be improved when we eat better and understand how our digestion works. If you would like some advice on balancing blood glucose levels or anything else, just give me a call on 07807255921.


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