Have you ever been told that you are too sensitive?

If you ARE sensitive, (aka a Highly Sensitive Person) you may feel like it’s a bad thing. Read on and you can discover just how great it can be, and how you can embrace your sensitivity and use it to your advantage.

Firstly, how do you know if you are sensitive? You will probably resonate with many of the list below.

  • compassionate & care deeply
  • empathetic
  • overthinker
  • intuitive
  • easily overwhelmed
  • bored by small talk
  • emotional and cry easily
  • often feel alone or like you don’t fit in
  • sensitive to criticism
  • feel the pain of others
  • prefer to socialise in small groups and avoid crowds
  • spiritual interests
  • nature or animal lover
  • dislike horror films or gore


These really are NOT bad characteristics to have. I wouldn’t want to be any other way! But I have learned over the years how to manage my sensitivities so that I stay healthy and strong.

Being empathetic and compassionate means that people are often drawn to us. They know that we will listen and help where we can. We make great friends and partners! But we must be careful not to give too much. We need to be aware of when a relationship is out of balance. It is not wrong to want to receive something in return. If we are constantly giving, we are in danger of draining our energy. So, every so often I would suggest you do a review of who (or what) you have around you. Check to see who (or what) drains you and who is filling you up?

Because sensitive people tend to have spiritual or environmental interests, they are looking for deeper connections. They are easily bored by small talk and know if someone is being genuine. For this reason, they often find that they have just a small circle of valued friends. An intimate relationship with someone who doesn’t share some sensitivities and depth, is not likely to fulfil a sensitive individual. It is important for you to identify your needs and be strong enough to know that you deserve to have these needs met.

Sensitives enjoy being in nature and can be irritated when there are people around disturbing their peace. Loud noises can be uncomfortable. They will feel the shifts in the solar system (especially the moon) and can be deeply affected by World events. I have found that sensitive individuals are more likely to experience low mood and anxiety because they often find themselves in situations that they are not in harmony with. As soon as they walk into a room, they know what the vibe is. And they know if you are lying to them!

jackie barber

I don’t like to put people in ‘boxes’ or give them labels, but I do think that when you acknowledge these traits it becomes easier to live with them and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Some simple ways you can help yourself –

  • know your limits and set healthy boundaries
  • if you are overwhelmed, be strong enough to walk away
  • always allow time for relaxation and mindfulness
  • sleep is important, make sure yours is good
  • make use of Healing therapy to strengthen the aura
  • get outside as often as possible
  • explore flower essences
  • say ‘no’ when you need to
  • speak your truth
  • avoid processed foods and additives
  • leave the party when you’ve had enough
  • restrict alcohol and sugar

As a sensitive person, I am careful to live my life as above. I consider it a huge gift to feel the way that I do. When I feel the pain of others during a therapy session, I can use the information in a positive way. When you honour your needs and know your limits, life becomes easier. If you need some guidance, help with anxiety or energy management, just get in touch. I love working with people just like you 😊

Embrace being a Highly Sensitive Person. Be proud – and know that it is not a weakness!

jackie barber