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Products that a Holistic Therapist takes on holiday

When I go on holiday I like to continue my natural beauty routines. I generally don’t use anything on myself that contains harmful chemicals. Sometimes these are difficult to find in the shops when you are away so I always pack my favourites.

Travelling to Greece in June, these are the natural products that I packed:

  • Neal’s Yard Remedies – Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisturiser & Toner. (For my face but knowing that the moisturiser will also double up as an after sun product for the whole body)
  • Lavender Essential Oil – this oil is so versatile so it always an important part of my ‘first aid box’.
  • Burt’s Bee Lip Shimmer – with vitamin E and bees wax this is a lovely product to soothe your lips in the sun.
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies Citronella Formula – keeps you cool and keeps the bugs away.
  • Neal’s Yard Organic Defence Hand Spray/Rub – I have one of these in each of my bags, my car and my treatment room! A natural cleanser containing essential oils and witch hazel.
  • Nelsons nux. vom. 30c homeopathic remedy – just in case the rich, foreign food (or red wine!) gives me some indigestion.
  • Jason mineral sunscreen – I won’t use anything other that a natural sunscreen. I used to find that commercial screens just bring me out in hives.
  • Pure Balance Peace Spray – keeps me calm but can also be soothing and cooling on the skin if you do happen to get a little too much sun or get bug bites.
  • Neal’s Yard Arnica Salve – mainly for bruises and sore muscles but because it is so rich, it’s great for dry/cracked heels and achy feet.
  • Citronella Incense sticks – no idea where I found these but I always chuck them in the bag to keep the bugs away.
  • Tropic Lip Love Balm – exactly what it says.
  • Tropic Make-up Colour Palette – contains my eye shadows, bronzer and highlighter.


The cloth on the table in the photograph is actually a large scarf. I always travel with several of these so I can protect my skin from the sun. And of course my sunhat 😊


Enjoy your holidays Xx


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