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PMS………Why put up with it ladies?

It amazes me how often, during a consultation when I ask a woman if she suffers with PMS, that I get the answer “yes”. But it’s not the answer that amazes me, it is the manner that it is given. A bit like “well yes, doesn’t everyone?” It’s as if they expect to suffer because that’s part of being a female. Recently I have been surprised to work with younger women who are unaware that ‘PMS’ is actually a thing, even though they suffer every month.

Pre-menstrual symptoms occur in the last half of a woman’s monthly cycle but most often in the week before their period. The symptoms can be physical and/or psychological. I’m going to focus on the physical aspects of PMS for now because I feel that the emotional (“I’m going to kill someone!”) symptoms deserve their own piece.

So….abdominal cramping, sore and heavy boobs, headaches, weight gain, cravings and more. All of these symptoms can be alleviated by changing your diet and ensuring that your body has all the nutrients it needs. Some really simple mineral deficiencies can be behind cramping, cravings and boob problems.
In my many years of experience in nutritional therapy I have also found that identifying food intolerances and generally building up the immune system can have a really positive effect on female health. My clients are often surprised and very grateful that their annoying symptoms have reduced or even disappeared by the time their next cycle comes around.

I have personally found that my symptoms have changed at different stages of my life. So what I suffered with as a teenager was different to what I experienced after childbirth. Now moving towards menopause there are a new set of challenges to work through. I often find that my emotional life experiences have an effect on physical symptoms, so when I work with you it is useful if we explore this avenue too. These days women have so many ‘roles’ to juggle and this is causing increased stress which in time creates more problems for our phisical and emotional health. Putting in place healthy boundaries is something we all need to consider.

It is really nice to know that with a few nutritional tweaks and some healing of the emotions, I can easily bring things back into balance. (for myself and for you)

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Jackie Barber x

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