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My journey from Weight consultant to Healer

In October 2002 I took my first step into the world of therapy. Although I already offered sewing services to many local residents in Tiptree, health and nutrition in particular, was my real passion.

My business began as a private Weight Consultant which was never really part of the plan! But as I spoke to people about my love of Nutrition, the reply would repeatedly come back “yes I need to lose some weight”. So, it was a no-brainer to launch my business based on what people were looking for. Client numbers grew as I continued to study Nutritional Therapy and Allergy testing and treatment. My goal was to offer a Food Intolerance testing service.

Food Intolerance testing
Food Intolerance Tesing.

In 1998 I had found out, by chance that I was sensitive to yeast and dairy. When I removed them from my diet, within a week, my energy levels were amazing and my rounded tummy was beginning to ease. I had two young children under 5 so the new energy was a real bonus!

After a year in business I was able to introduce the Vega Test to my practice. This added a whole new level to the results that I was able to achieve for my clients. The Vega Test can identify food intolerances, stressed organs and vitamin & mineral deficiencies. Results are fast and accurate. I was able to treat digestive problems, skin complaints and what is now often diagnosed as IBS.

This is still a large part of my practice, however these days the service I offer is far more holistic. I have found through experience that very rarely is there no connection to the emotions and the body’s digestion. Nausea, diarrhoea, bloating and constipation can all stem from emotional unease.

I needed another tool in my ‘kit’ so in 2005 I trained as a Flower Essence Practitioner. This opened up a whole new area of awareness for me and shortly afterwards I was surprised to find myself also training as a Spiritual Healer. So now when someone comes to me who has been diagnosed with IBS I am able to offer a far more efficient service. I am able to treat not only the presenting physical problems but also the worries, anxieties and stresses. My ‘Deluxe’ option has been hugely popular because we can tackle all aspects in one consultation.

Having Flower Essence therapy and Spiritual Healing in my tool kit means that I can now work with my client’s emotional and mental concerns. Depression, grief, confidence, fears, and insecurities are problems that I often encounter. These areas often lead to more self awareness and personal development for the individual too. 

I am so blessed to be able to work in such a satisfying ‘job’. There is nothing better than watching your client turn their life around and begin really living their life!

Our lives have become so fast and busy that we sometimes have unrealistically high expectations of ourselves. The demands we place on ourselves are beginning to affect not just our physical health but also our mental wellbeing. We need to bring ourselves back into a happy and healthy balance. It is possible to make these changes…

All off my therapies can be effectively used alone or combined – call me if you are unsure where to begin!

Food Intolerance testing

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